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Changing The Focus?

Changing The Focus was made in collaboration with Disability Arts Cymru and HiJinx Theatre, as part of a larger participatory film-making project of the same name. The larger project looked at the representation of people with learning disabilities in documentary film, and how that representation has changed over the past decades. The film features the voices and views of people with learning disabilities, telling their own stories. 

“In partnership with Disability Arts Cymru Ben created the very successful ‘Changing the Focus’ project. The project explored the on-screen representation of learning disabled people in Britain, and how societies attitudes have changed over the years. Ben’s professional attitude and calm, friendly personality brought the best out of the groups of learning disabled adults and young people we worked with. Ben led on every aspect of the film making, including the subtitling and the finished film was very well received at all the venues we visited. Ben also designed the workshops and wrote the discussion guide for schools and workshop leaders to assist them with creating similar opportunities. Working with Ben was a delight and we really hope we will be able to do so again in the future.”


Sara Beer, Disability Arts Cymru

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